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 The Yankee Chapter of the AMCA was founded in 1973 and serves the New England states and is open to anyone with an old bike or an interest in old bikes. All makes and models included.

The Chapter host various meets which includes parts and bikes for sale and road runs which have planned routes and a chance to "Ride 'Em Don't Hide 'Em" throughout the year. Our August "National" meet also include judging in which bikes are examined for "trueness of originality".  Depending on points and number of times judged the bikes can move up from a Junior, through Senior to Winners Circle award level.

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Membership Application

Are you interested in becoming a member? You must first be a member of our national club the Antique motorcycle Club of America.

Yankee Chapter Application

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 We Have new newsletter editors! Jen Goselin and Sara Kurz Have volunteered to publish our newsletter. Thank you Jen and Sara! Winter 2014 newsletter.

Pictures of Yankee display at Springfield show Jan. 2014

 Pictures from Berkshire Camp and Ride

AMCA Presidents Newsletter (new Dec.2013) 2nd part



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